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Nebo Loop

There are, of course, two directions to every loop, so there are two ways to ride this one. In either direction, you would do well to respect the twisties in the mountains, as missing some of them will mean people will be picking little bits of you out of the rocks for weeks. The pavement is mostly OK, with a few damaged portions. Spectacular scenery! There are places marked to pull off and enjoy the view.


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From I-15 southbound, take the Payson exit (exit 254) and go East on Main Street. Follow the Nebo Loop signs!

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The signs will tell you to turn left at the first light (100 North)...

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...then to turn right onto 600 East.

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From either north or south, once you turn onto 600 East, proceed on 600 East through neighborhoods as the street narrows and turns into a road. Once you get started, just stay on the main road.

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As the road climbs upward, you get to take some sharp corners. These are more fun on a motorcycle than in a Winnebago.

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The last time I took this trip, it was mid-September and the fall colors were amazing. This image does not do them justice.

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This brewing storm is why I didn't take many more photos. I decided to head for home before I got soaked. I did get rained on, but dried out quickly. Alas, my motorcycle decided it was time for a new engine (cracked piston, burned valve), and I was without a functioning motorcycle for over a year. Someday soon I'll take the ride again, and get some photos for the other direction.
After you come back down out of the mountains, and about 38 miles from Payson, you'll come to a stop sign at a T intersection with State Route 132. Turn right and proceed about 4.9 miles to I-15.


From I-15, take the Nephi exit (exit 225) and go East on State Route 132. About 4.9 miles from I-15 turn left onto a conspicuously marked Nebo Loop road. Follow the main road until you come back down from the mountains into Payson on 600 East. Turn left onto 100 North.

If you are headed north, then turn right at the Main Street light and hit I-15 at exit 254.

If you are headed south, you can of course proceed as above and head south from exit 254 or go through the Main Street light and follow the street around to the left until you reach the Texaco and 800 North (which was not marked as such at this writing), at which point turn right onto 800 North and proceed to I-15 at exit 252.

Devil's Kitchen

200 400 800

Interesting, alien-looking geological formations just off the road, on the right about 29.5 miles from Payson or on the left about 8.6 miles from Nephi.

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There is a short, pleasant trail from the parking lot to the formations.

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