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Welcome to my humble home page! If this and other pages look like I'm trying to use every possible feature of HTML to see how they work, it's because that's exactly what I'm doing. Let me know if anything looks broken. There will be some blank pages, because I haven't prepared the content yet. This page first started some time in early 1996 or late 1995.

Here's a sort of table of contents for this page:

Personal Stuff


Lyle D. Gunderson
Department of Chemical and Fuels Engineering
3290 MEB
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Email: or or or or or

PGP Key:

My public key for use with Philip Zimmermann's Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is here for your use. For information on getting PGP, see MIT's PGP Web Page.


[801] 345-1153

American Express Card #:

3787 321345 61008

University of Utah Stuff

I'm in pursuit of a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemical and Fuels Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Phil Smith


Flames R Us


(Layers you can see from the outside)


(Layers you cannot see from the outside)

Macintosh Software:

Shareware and Postcardware I've written.

Made on a Mac

Places to Surf

(There are more to be found on the various "Interest" pages).
Bullet BallNetwork Starting Points
Courtesy of NCSA.
Bullet BallNCSA Home Page
Bullet BallSpeedy's Home Page
"Dr. Speed" has one heck of a Hot List, which could easily lead to the demise of an entire weekend. The links to cartoon sites are worth a visit all by themselves. Dr. Mercer has an amazing variety of interests. Go see. (Link now works again!!)
Bullet BallSheriff Arabians Home Page
A local (Lehi, Utah) Arabian horse ranch with offspring of the famous *Nariadni and Muscat stallions. Very nice people. I did their Web pages (but not the photographs).
Bullet BallWest Mountain Arabians Home Page
A formerly local (Payson, Utah) Arabian horse ranch, now located in Arizona. Breeding service and lots of horses for sale. I was so impressed with their horses I bought one myself!
Bullet BallSisna Home Page
These folks are my Internet Service Providers and do a fairly decent job most of the time. I'll never switch, but don't tell them that.
Bullet BallNASA Home Page
Besides the obvious public relations stuff, this will link you to an archive of zillions of images taken by space shuttle cameras. Also news of future missions, etc.

Gratuitous Graphic:

My Initials: LDG

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